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Contact Editor enables you to manage all your contacts in the easiest way ever. Add, Delete, Merge thousands of your Google contacts with just ONE CLICK! Now, experience the world's easiest Contact Manager for you at a G Suite Marketplace or a Chrome Web Store. You can also use it directly from the website, just by logging in and connecting your Google account.

I-ON Communications
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I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of I-ON Digital Corp.(OTCQB:IONI), is a Seoul, South Korea-based enterprise software company founded in 1999. The Company has evolved into an industry-leading and recognized developer of enterprise-class unstructured data management and digital marketing software solutions and is now focusing on SaaS, Sport Tech and Energy solutions. Recently, with holding company’s listing on the US stock market, OTCQB, the company is gaining reputation as a more innovative and reliable service provider in its sector.

I-ON Communications

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Are you tired of editing your numerous contacts one by one?

Here is the best solution in the world.
Your Favorite Contact Manager

Do you have hundreds of thousands of contacts that you can’t even start organizing?
Are they stored randomly without any criteria?
Do you find a lot of duplicates in your contacts?
Is the number registered in the mobile phone field really a mobile number? Are the national codes and area codes properly organized?
Contact Editor enables you to edit and organize your contact information in a spreadsheet format with a single click!

Our Features

Customize your address book

Configure columns, hide unnecessary groups and display only the items you need

Multi-cell editing

You can cut, copy, and edit multiple contacts, Select all the cells you need and - edit all at once!

Individual and group editing

Edit individual contact's details or an entire group at once

Simple merging

Extract all emails, names, phone numbers into one cell or simply merge the text you need in a matter of seconds!

Country code & number format

Assign code numbers for your international contacts and select the same phone number format for all of them

Easy networking

Smooth management of all your business cards, email contacts and phone numbers. All in one place!

Our Faq

Yes. You can add your Google account on your iPhone and link it with Google address book. If you want to move your iCloud contacts to Google, Export your iCloud contacts in a VCF file or other format (Export method) and then Import it to your Google address book (Import method).
You can link your telecommunication company's or other account's address book to your current Google address book. You can also Export information from your telecommunication company address book in a VCF file or other format and then Import it to Google address book (Import method). You can refer to each address book's User guide for export to VCF method and Import is of course also possible.
No. You can link contact information from other accounts as well. Install Contact Editor and go to File Menu and use Import another account contact feature.
After editing contacts, click on the "Save" button and the contact information will be automatically synced to your mobile phone.
Even though the changes are applied on Google, it might take a while for information to be synced with your phone.
No. All communication of your contact information is made between Your device and Google only. Contact Editor does not store your contact list data or any changes made in Contact Editor.

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  • You can apply all functions to multiple cells and modify thousands of your contacts at once.

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Field sorting options
Field searching options
Automatic phone number formatting
Merging contents
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Agreement to the collection and usage of personal data
Purpose of collecting and using personal data
The Company will use your personal data for the following purposes.

-. Inquiries: Communication with inquirer
-. Marketing: Event promotion or advertisements

Scope of Data collection
1. Basic information: User name
2. Contact information: email / phone number
3. Collection method: Homepage

Personal data retention and usage period
-. After achieving data collection purpose, the collected information will be destroyed
-. Upon user's request, all information will be destroyed immediately.